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    hello tech guys.. i have a problem, hope u can give me some ideas...i have lumia 630.. one day due to the technical preview installed on my phone,,ive to do a hard reset...my phones battery was at 40%.. so i decided to connect it to my laptop and let it be reset... but while resetting,, my phone automatically showed a sad smiley face and switched off again ..and this thing happened again and again until it switched off completly..now, even though i plugged in a charger for 4-5 hrs it doesnt even switch on..while charging it shows a red battery with charge sign on it.. but even after hrs and hrs it doesnt get charged up and my battery is still empty.. i also left it charged for whole night,but stil no progress... whta can be done solve this problem? is my phone damaged or battery damaged? hope u will reply soon...
    08-26-2015 10:19 PM

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