1. arislgr's Avatar
    I want to upgrade from my Surface Book to the latest Surface Pro.
    Now what is it called? Is it a SP 5, a 2017, or just plain SP Pro with no number or year?
    How do I know if a retailer is not trying to sell me a Pro 4 in it's place?
    Am I the only one missing something here?
    07-17-2017 02:21 PM
  2. shmsnh's Avatar
    Surface Pro is the latest Surface... Pro. The previous one was Surface Pro 4. So basically, no numbers. I can't say what will happen with the next iteration - will probably start using years.
    07-19-2017 04:55 AM
  3. arislgr's Avatar
    Yes, using years will be very appropriate, even better than model numbers. I just bought the i5 with 256 and 8 RAM, wish I could have it with 16 RAM, but it is not offered. I'm happy with my Surface Book for two years, but the first year I broke the screen glass and lately I have problems with corroded hinge contacts. Then a week ago I spilled a Fanta on the keyboard and that was the end of it...... Always a MS fan, now I cant wait to get my hands on the SP, and pray MS will come up with the next windows phone that will replace my Lumia 950.
    07-19-2017 09:30 AM

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