1. jhoff80's Avatar
    I assume when using a touchscreen device, the touchpad just emulates touchscreen motion somehow.

    With the recently added WM Standard devices, does the mouse do anything? Or like using the actual device, can you only use the buttons to control things?
    08-09-2008 01:10 PM
  2. ckj's Avatar
    When connected to a touchscreen device, the REDFLY's touchpad works just like you'd expect a mouse or laptop's touchpad to perform as the Windows Mobile OS and most apps have built-in support for a pointer/mouse/touchpad and button clicks. You can also plug a USB mouse (corded or wireless) into one of REDFLY's 2 USB ports if desired.

    Most apps and OS functions running on a NON-touchscreen WM device were never designed with the notion that one would ever interact with them using a touchscreen or any other kind of pointing device.

    When you connect REDFLY to a NON-touchscreen device, a pointer still shows up and the touchpad still lets you move it around, but most apps won't accept input from the touchpad or it's buttons. However, the REDFLY firmware has a function that allows you to interact fully with a NON-touchscreen device.

    If you press and hold both touchpad buttons on the REDFLY for a second, the pointer will change its icon to a 5-way nav icon and the touchpad will now operate as a 5-way nav controller letting you fully navigate and interact that way. You can also use the arrow keys and enter key on REDFLY's keyboard to do the same.
    08-09-2008 06:41 PM
  3. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    I am able to use the mouse the regular way on the blackjack 2 without the five way nivagation and its has been working great. I am not sue if this was added in on the newer version or not. Tha is a very interesting question.
    10-16-2008 02:30 AM
  4. George Knighton's Avatar
    I've just started considering a C8N to help with my Moto Q9h Global while in the field.

    Does the touchpad work correctly as a mouse with the Q9h Global?
    12-10-2008 06:35 PM
  5. Aware's Avatar
    Touchpad works fine on BlackJack II. But in Internet Explorer, you cannot click on hyperlinks: you have to tab or arrow to the hyperlink and press enter. Not usually so tough.

    Opera Mini supports mouse clicks on the hyperlinks. Just watch out for Opera's own mouse pointer on screen next to RedFly's :-)

    Realistically, you can use the touchpad pointer for lots of stuff, and you soon get used to the things that do not support mouse clicks.

    One BIG issue with non-touchscreens is remote desktop. LogMeIn and other third-party apps don't install to non touchscreen devices. Microsoft took RDP (native remote desktoping)out of Windows Mobile Standard. There's a workaound that you can download and install to enable the native Microsoft RDP and it works fine, but the scaling offered by LogMeIn and similar is not available, so your desktop might not be very user friendly. New RedFly firmware means you can run your RedFly at 800x600 instead of 800x480 (the screen scrolls) and that helps usability, but screen scaling would make a massive difference.

    I've not found anything that flat will not work with a non touchscreen device, but if you have an option, go with touchscreen if you want the very best RedFly experience.
    12-12-2008 05:39 PM
  6. George Knighton's Avatar
    Thank you very much for your answer.

    The Q9h is required for us, but I'm glad to hear that using the Redfly devices is not a hopeless endeavour. :-)
    12-13-2008 10:18 AM
  7. Aware's Avatar
    If you have extra time on your hands, try running Bubble Breaker on the RedFly :-)
    12-13-2008 09:51 PM
  8. cplush#WP's Avatar
    im using a moto q9c and some things (mainly windows mobile apps) are usable with the touchpad, but opera isnt on a winmo standard
    12-30-2008 12:36 PM
  9. Aware's Avatar
    The latest Opera Mini works fine for me on BlackJack II
    12-30-2008 11:18 PM
  10. cplush#WP's Avatar
    i meant the program works fine, but the touchpad wont control links or the scroll bar...u still have to use the directional buttons...
    12-31-2008 08:50 PM