1. jedi12's Avatar
    Hello guys , i just upgraded to windows 8.1 to my acer aspire p3, everything works fine except the bluetooth keyboard cover..it cant pair with it. I installed the updated drivers from the acer website and it still wont work..any sugggestions?
    10-19-2013 11:02 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Have you contacted Acer? Acer | Support
    10-20-2013 12:00 AM
  3. Bmrk's Avatar
    well, i have a p3 aswell (the i3 model) but I have no problems with it, so maybe the problem is with your keyboard (tbh i'm sure that you already managed it somehow :D)
    03-12-2014 02:29 PM
  4. icudroid's Avatar
    just go to devices manager and delete acer keyboard cover driver and reinstall by download the driver from acer website.
    05-11-2014 12:10 PM

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