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    News reading is an important part of my daily mobility use. I have found that Weave serves this purpose well, but I was wondering whether there are any other apps that I may have missed.

    So can anyone suggest a news app that is ;

    - media rich (i.e. lovely to look at)
    - aggregates news from different sources
    - has a constantly updating live tile

    I have tried the following but I still keep coming back Weave

    Pulse - Not a fan of the ribbons on phones. Works well on Tablets though

    Fuse - See above

    NewsLab - This app has a lot of potential as it really follows the Metro philosophy. However it is slow to load and has not been updated in quite a while, and I cant find it in the marketplace. Has it been discontinued?

    News 360 - I find their new update is actually a step backwards from the previous version.

    News Republic - I like their approach on selecting news based on tags. But I feel the app, though moving in the right direction, has some ways to go.
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    Same here with news (particularly rss) being a part of my must-have apps. So far no news or RSS reader seem to be the best, but give a look at the following:

    NewsSpot (ad supported version sync 200 unread articles - Google NewsReader)

    FeedWorm (Google Reader client, and quite good)

    FeedReader Free (Google Reader client and custom rss feeds)

    Weave (free rss reader...very slick...start with this one)

    Qik RSS Feeds (looks promising, but doesn't support offline and your own feeds yet - developer says more features coming)
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