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02-08-2017 03:20 AM
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  1. ven07's Avatar
    If you want to get some serious work done, get an android. Job done. If you want to experiment a bit, be with windows.
    Even high end lumias are not as 'productive' as Android. Lumias have the style, quality and looks + the camera. But they will not get the work done.
    What work? :p
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    08-30-2015 04:02 PM
  2. CSJr1's Avatar
    Yep. My bank app is on WM10. Even if it wasn't I would use Astoria to get the app on WM like I did with ParentVue. So I am set, got all I need.
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    08-30-2015 04:16 PM
  3. BrianLeeRussell's Avatar
    Yep, had my Nokia Icon for a year and even though it's on Verizon, it's the best phone I've had. I've had nexus devices and Samsung. None as good as this one. Windows has been a lot smoother experience for me.
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    08-30-2015 04:52 PM
  4. RayWP7's Avatar
    Unequivocally yes. I personally and my family have owned the Samsung Focus, HTC HD7, HTC Titan, HTC Titan 2, HTC One M8, LG Optum(?), Nokia 920, Nokia 520, Nokia 830, Nokia 1520, and recently the Nokia 640. A) we haven't had nearly the problems we had with hardware that we experienced with the other brands. They were all great phones, but the Lumia were better for wear in the long term. The reason we've had so many phones? Well, my family has a bad reputation of losing crap (not I, mind you!). Before these brands and platform we were exclusively iOS and the problem my family had then was them breaking all of the time (charging ports, screens mostly). Windows (like Android) is easier to buy into since they are less expensive to replace should things go south. That, and our entire digital life is Windows centric. Windows PCs, Live/Hotmail/Outlook, XBOX 360, XBOX One, Surface, Office 365 (school, home, work) etc...
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    08-30-2015 04:57 PM
  5. sleeve22's Avatar
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    08-30-2015 05:41 PM
  6. Garfield McCall's Avatar
    Yes definitely
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    08-30-2015 05:52 PM
  7. Habib Dagher's Avatar
    I would.... and i am anxiously waiting for the upcoming Lumia and rumored Surface mobiles phones.. i am VERY happy with my Lumia 1520 on Windows 10 Mobile, of course there are some glitches and hick-ups... but it never disappointed to stand out among all my friends' mobiles sets as one of the best in many aspects.. and its' almost two years old as a model!

    Windows 10 Mobile needs to be finalized, stabilized, and pushed out ASAP.. that will be the first major step in setting things right with the whole Nokia Windows 7 mobile... 8.. 8.1.. 10.. fiasco...
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    08-30-2015 05:54 PM
  8. ZipZapRap's Avatar
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    08-30-2015 06:15 PM
  9. Leonel Funes's Avatar
    What kind of question is that?? Of course I'm buying the next flagship
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    08-30-2015 07:50 PM
  10. Penny_1's Avatar
    I'm on the fence, but I'm leaning toward heading for greener pastures this time around.

    I've been with WM/WP since 6.1, and I feel like we're falling further and further behind the market. I hope they can eventually offer a more competitive overall package and I'll move back, but they have continuously failed to do that thus far.
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    08-30-2015 07:53 PM
  11. DavidinCT's Avatar
    I like my ICON (929), It still currently is the flagship model, pretty much the same phone as the 930. If the new 950's were released tomorrow, would I buy one ?

    No, I would not. I will wait this out for about 6 months or so to see if this Universal Apps and Android apps to WP thing works. I am sick of turning on the TV, or listening to the radio and hearing about apps for everything from banks, to Major department stores and if it's something that interests me a little I check the WP store and you know what, in the last 6 months, 100% of the time there has not been a single app for Windows Phone, YES, 100% of the time. How can WP even grow with that ?

    Even when you hear about a new game or app from someone with a different phone and you say, wow that sounds cool but, NOPE , not for Windows Phone.

    Then we have the Smartwatch thing, only official thing we have is the Band, even Pebble (a 3rd party watch that works WITH iOS and Android, not a Android wear or Apple watch) does not support WIndows Phone. Thinking about it, what watch, THAT IS AVAILABLE NOW, that you can buy, that will filly work with WIndows phone ? Just one, the Band (not a watch, a fitness band)

    This crap is getting really old (I am an original Windows Phone 7 user from the point I could get one and Was on Windows Mobile, HPC, PocketPC from 1.0). Right now, if I did buy one, it would only because I got one dirt cheap off contract.

    As if this stuff does not get BETTER at least, Microsoft Wont get more money from me as phones go...
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    08-30-2015 08:09 PM
  12. ArtificiallyYours's Avatar
    Yes. I think it has the cleanest UI to date.
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    08-30-2015 08:17 PM
  13. Satish Reddy's Avatar
    Definitely Yes
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    08-30-2015 08:46 PM
  14. anon(7937399)'s Avatar
    Yes. I just bought a near mint Lumia Icon from Craigslist. Much better than my 928; very fast camera, much less time spent resuming... apps.
    08-30-2015 09:51 PM
  15. Bryan Trach's Avatar
    No, I would not buy another Windows Phone. I plan to buy the iPhone 6s Plus when its announced. I'm tired of the poor quality of WP.
    08-30-2015 10:38 PM
  16. desaideas1's Avatar
    I definitely would love to have an iPhone 6 as a secondary device. But when it comes to the OS, DESPITE the horrible nature of the technical preview, I'm hoping they pull it out of the gutter in these new phones. I just took a trip to Boston, and was completely dismayed that Uber was all of a sudden completely dysfunctional and my battery life was so horrid on my 1020 that I barely took any pictures.

    It reminds me of how I had to go to Japan and the Lumia 1020 was released a few days after I was on my way....horribly sad that I couldn't capture pics on the 1020.

    While I don't think the new phones are "gorgeous" and "trendsetting" the specs are quite impressive. When my Lumia 1020 with WM10 does actually work, the logic and organizational features of the OS are top notch. One thing that has been frustrating is that Cortana has become mostly useless, and I can't understand why...I think too many heavy features that aren't running without restraint from the cloud.

    In terms of functionality in my day to day, I would sorely miss the personalization and enterprise focused design of the OS, so I'll be grabbing a 950XL and hoping Satya and Joe Belfiore are focused on the stability and bringing the featureset up to par. We're still over a month away, and my experience with Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 was completely abysmal in this same time frame. Now that the focus has moved over to a final release for WM10, I'm expecting it to work flawlessly on these new phones.
    08-30-2015 11:20 PM
  17. GSOgymrat's Avatar
    I sold my Lumia 1520 ten months ago and, after a six-week trial with iPhone 6 Plus, have been using a Galaxy Note Edge. I'm happy with the Note Edge but I would return to Windows if the hardware is comparable and my "must have" apps are available. I might buy a 950XL or a "Surface Phone" as a second phone to play with but I won't move completely from Android to Windows without working versions of essential apps. I would love to be all-in with the Microsoft ecosystem again.
    08-30-2015 11:32 PM
  18. hotphil's Avatar
    I loved my Windows phone. But the annoyances got too much.
    I'd consider another hardware offering from MS when:
    1) they decide to stick with an OS; a committment to stop the ditch-and-run.
    2) they <somehow> get developers to support their OS.
    3) they deliver some genuine innovation.
    4) they're not years behind other OSes on features.
    5) they can match the bang-for-buck of other platforms.
    6) their own services are given the same priority on their own platform as on other platforms.
    7) they make some sort of effort to deliver services uniformly regardless of territory.
    8) there's an available, actually compatible, non-beta smartwatch device

    Until then, I'm delighted to have moved to someone else's services on someone else's platform.
    Last edited by hotphil; 08-31-2015 at 01:06 AM.
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    08-31-2015 12:56 AM
  19. Saqlain Zia's Avatar
    I recently bought a wp for my father since he is unhappy with android and going to buy new wp for myself after wp10 launch. Not going to buy that android ****
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    08-31-2015 01:16 AM
  20. Theonlyix's Avatar
    Would. Will. Am bying

    Sorry, i have to play the fanboyish card here.
    I, my family and company and most people i know are all running WP and happily. There really is no competition when looking at it from a business perspective except for Ios, but the cost of those suckers are far to high for what you get, atleast here in Sweden.

    Everyone i know is loving their lumias, from the 530 to the 1020 and 930.

    There are some apps missing, i only miss a working DJI app (worked until 23/7 update) and my banks app, otherwise everything i need and want is on WP.

    Someone mentioned smartwatches, i own a pebble and a Microsoft band, and Pebble has had some limited funtionality with WP through third party, but cmon, its crap compared to the Band. I for one has "real" watches that i prefer to use over some crappy Iwatch or pebble if i need a watch. The band is perfect as a right wrist companion and is my preferred choice over my standard watches anyday.

    I want a new 1030/1040 with awesome camera!
    My daily driver is 930/1020
    08-31-2015 01:20 AM
  21. hotphil's Avatar
    Someone mentioned smartwatches, i own a pebble and a Microsoft band, and Pebble has had some limited funtionality with WP through third party, but cmon, its crap compared to the Band. I for one has "real" watches that i prefer to use over some crappy Iwatch or pebble if i need a watch. The band is perfect as a right wrist companion and is my preferred choice over my standard watches anyday.

    I want a new 1030/1040 with awesome camera!
    My daily driver is 930/1020
    I'd probably still be using a Windows Phone as a daily driver if Band was available on my continent. I forget how long it is since it launched (must be over a year now?) and it, or any successor, are still not available in most of the world. Shame.
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    08-31-2015 01:36 AM
  22. Pavan_KD's Avatar
    Hi all..

    My point of view:
    I stay in India. Am very much fine with my Samsung ATIV S..1 yr + and still its smooth unlike android which I had used earlier.
    I dont need every app that is in store...I have my bank app (HDFC), Big basket, flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, amazon, twitter, skype, gaaana, Irctc, redbus, bookmyshow, whatsapp, Facebook (though I stopped using that bcoz of not having time to engage both in Whatsapp and Facebook).

    These days who have time (especially working ppl) to play big big size games, chat in facebook and whatsapp. After my work, once I switch on whatsapp..200+ msgs..OMG..don't have time n patience to read all msgs..May be students might be interested in big apps or explore..

    With whatever basic games and apps are thr satisfied with all I require and am happy abt that despite its drawbacks that no LED light for any missed calls or msgs or some other things which I dont remember now.. what I feel is that as am confortable with windows phone, I have more time to look into my other personal things rather to worry abt the phone.

    If Microsoft releases a good spec phone, I may change or am fine with this till its time comes up :)

    08-31-2015 01:38 AM
  23. Theonlyix's Avatar
    I'd probably still be using a Windows Phone as a daily driver if Band was available on my continent. I forget how long it is since it launched (must be over a year now?) and it, or any successor, are still not available in most of the world. Shame.
    It isnt available here...bought one from the US. =)
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    08-31-2015 01:43 AM
  24. PixelSpielkind's Avatar
    Pretty Hard decision at the Moment...

    I own a Lumia 930 and I have an iPad Mini 2 - Ok its a phone and a tablet, so I only have the comparison concerning Software... The UI of iOS is just SOOOOOOO old School, no matter how often they add "Magical Colors, Scrolling of whatever"... Just a Bunch of Icons (JABOI? :) ) and thats it... OK, I can arrange them how I want and put the into folders... hoooray... :-). Id definitely prefer WP in that case.. Live-Tiles that I can arrange how I want in size and position and it still is a clean and straight forward design...

    But I agree that Apps are still a big Problem... not for the average User I guess (as long as they dont want Snapchat, but dont really see that as a must have:-) ), but the platform is still either ignored or not really fully supported by many developers...

    Just one Example: As a Photographer I can wirelessly connect my camera, copy the Pictures to the iPAD (would work with iPhone as well), import them into Lightrooom mobile, start editing, mark the best ones etc - and sync these editing settings with the PC via the Adobe Cloud. All that directly on location while drinking a beer and enjoying the Alps Panorama View - It just works and is pretty cool...

    On Windows Phone: No Lightrooom Mobile, no official Olympus App (at least a 3rd Party one, but it obviously is not as good as the original one) nothing even annouced here. Same with Software like "Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE)", Triggertrap or any Smartphone enabled Photographers tool (Timelapse - Astro, Michron or similar Controllers for HighSpeed and Timelapse Photography)... Zero

    I think Photography is not the only Area where they are way behind on Apps... But from a developers Point of view its understandable... Not many Users compared to other platforms, so why develop... And without the right Apps, its hard to gain more Marketshare... :-(

    And if you want to use Microsoft Office, OneNote, Onedrive, Skype, Lync, Sway etc. - Thats available on Android and iOS as well...

    Ill wait fot the new W10M Devices and the final Windows 10 Mobile, before I decide which plattform will be next - and I really hope that it will get better concerning Apps...
    08-31-2015 02:45 AM
  25. QuadraFX's Avatar
    One year and a half with the "flagship 930" and besides the very good camera, and beautiful amoled screen, the gift of a bluetooth speaker and a 20 voucher I really think my choice of living without google did not really pay off. WP 8.1 and 10 is a constant beta. My bank does not have a WP app. Neither my semi prof photo camera manufacturer. Of course they do have it for iOS and Android. WM10 is a copy of iOS the buttons the styles the fly-out of the tiles aso. Cortana's stupid regional settings are infuriating. British Cortana sounds like a female Hawkins simulator combined with a depressed BBC presenter. The list is very long and mostly boring. Now my question to you all, who had either of the flagship models would you go and spend another 4-500 or equivalent in any currency on a new Microsoft Mobile? Please put your hand on your heart and be honest. I will start by saying NO.
    I see it like this : lack of specific application is not the OS or Microsoft fault, but the company that did not prepare it for the Windows Phone. I feel like they show no respect to their customers, taking only Android or iOS into account.
    I have never used Cortana in my country (it was not available) so it is not deciding factor for me.
    What I like in WP is that is is fast, friendly, clean and safe - and this is enough for me.
    Plus, I always wanted to have a phone that is recording great video and taking good photos - and there is Lumia 930, like built for me. So, if next WPs will have similar set of features and photo/video properties, I'm going to stay with WP.
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    08-31-2015 02:58 AM
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