1. chiques's Avatar
    Does anyone have their front facing camera functioning on the 950XL? Mine has been down for months already.

    I launch the camera app and it's all grayed out then it crashes with some '0x...' code.
    04-19-2017 04:50 PM
  2. Grodelj's Avatar
    Mine is working ok. If you already tried recovery tool and it did not help, it is probably faulty hardware.
    04-20-2017 06:07 AM
  3. cocopops's Avatar
    I had this fault and tried all the fixes, didnt work so sent it in and hardware was replaced (Not sure which part)..
    04-20-2017 07:44 AM
  4. fin11's Avatar
    I had the same problem when I got my 950XL a year ago. Returned it, was sent for repair. They replaced front camera and IR-sensor. No problems after that. Love this phone, camera is excellent ☺
    04-23-2017 09:43 AM
  5. ROBBIE HALL's Avatar
    now having this issue. so the camera AND IR module must be replaced?
    07-23-2017 11:29 PM
  6. bulls96's Avatar
    I wonder if this with the last fast build. It's happened to me too.

    Tried windows recovery tool though but no luck with getting it back.
    07-24-2017 09:52 AM

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