1. RumpRoast's Avatar
    Not sure if it's me or anyone else have this issue but my 32gb RT is now beeping when I push the home button to exit out of programs. Sometimes it takes several taps and beeps before it goes back to the home screen.

    I first noticed this when my 3yr old exits out off apps by pushing the windows button to go into another app. She doesn't understand the whole swipe down to close programs yet. This doesn't seem right to me and wondering if anyone else here has this problem.

    I've tried going into settings and refreshing several times but no such luck.

    Also, sometimes using the keyboard will just launch the desktop app. This happens with either the onscreen or the touch cover and a restart generally resolves the issues for a few days and it will happen again. Prior to 8.1 I haven't had these problems. Please sound off if you're having similar issues. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the wall of text.
    11-08-2013 02:08 AM
  2. azcruz's Avatar
    1. Did you mean haptic feedback or audible beep?
    2. You don't close an app using the Windows button, it simply brings you to the Start screen
    3. "sometimes using the keyboard will just launch the desktop app" what do you do exactly?

    Have you checked your Eas of Access settings?
    11-08-2013 02:26 AM
  3. RumpRoast's Avatar
    1. Both, it will give an audible beep followed by a haptic feedback but it doesn't take me back to the start screen right away. It takes several times, up to 3, to take me back to the start screen.

    2. When my daughter uses the RT,she doesn't understand the concept of swiping down to close apps. She's used to my 920 and her iPod and mom's old iPhone in the sense that pushing the middle button/ windows button will take her back to the start/home screen. I started hearing beeps that I've never heard before prior to 8.1 when she was using it right next to me which lead me to try and duplicate the issue and was able to do so consistently everytime I'm in any app.

    3. Sometimes when using the onscreen and touch kb to type in something it will launch the desktop. Does not matter what app I'm in, typing into an address bar in IE, search bar for anything like Metrotube to look up a video, look up a recipe in Allrecipes or just typing a memo.

    I have checked all the settings and did not find anything out of the ordinary. Is there something specific that I should be looking for? It's getting late so I'm heading to bed but will check back in the morning for any suggestions. Thanks
    11-08-2013 03:03 AM
  4. azcruz's Avatar
    I still suspect it was Ease of Accessibility setting, and I believe it happened to me once. Pressing the Windows button emits a "ding." I'll try to remember what it was...
    11-08-2013 03:11 AM
  5. omgitsnick's Avatar
    You've got your Sticky Keys on. It's like one of those "nice-to-have but useless and annoying" features, like a combination of Fn+F7 keys as a hardware switch to disable the trackpad and I almost broke my laptop because I kept pounding it because I thought it stopped working.
    11-08-2013 04:33 AM
  6. GCrane1982's Avatar
    Try pushing the windows key and the up button at the same time. This should disable the ease of access and remove the audible tone.
    11-08-2013 05:29 AM
  7. RumpRoast's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the help guys. The up and windows key did the trick. Thanks again
    11-08-2013 12:22 PM

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