1. theo dod's Avatar
    can tell me why the lumia demin on lumia 520 is so destabilized? kicks me out after 2 minutes to all apps.can you help me plz?
    01-31-2015 07:19 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    First, try a Soft Reset. Hold the Volume Down + Power buttons for about 10 seconds until the phone vibrates and reboots. This will clear system memory for a fresh boot up. You do not lose data.

    If that does not work, make a back up.

    Use the software reset in Settings > about > reset your phone. Better still, make a clean install with the Lumia Software Recovery Tool. Follow the directions here: FAQ - How can I recover/reset/restore my phone software? - Microsoft - USA Either way you lose data so make that backup first.
    01-31-2015 09:40 AM
  3. theo dod's Avatar
    i had done this many times before.the problem is after the update on denim. ex. internet explorer kicks me out
    02-01-2015 08:53 AM
  4. dusann's Avatar
    I did hard reset and still some applications not working. Battery saver, Duolingo, Note+...
    02-03-2015 08:52 AM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Have you tried a clean install with LSRT?
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    02-03-2015 10:06 AM
  6. dusann's Avatar
    I didn't try that. I have been using this phone a year and a half and this is the first time i'm experiencing this problem. Eventually i will try clean install with LSRT, because hard reset didn't work at all.

    EDIT: Clean install with LSRT solves the problem. Thanks RumoredNow.
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    02-03-2015 08:35 PM
  7. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Yayz... Glad you are up and running.
    02-05-2015 01:37 PM

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