1. WaseemAkram's Avatar
    Hi there , I previously posted regarding heating issues with my Nokia.after that problem got resolved.i am happy to use my 920.bit after couple of days of using .my phn is again heating up. I am using minimalist apps like Facebook , some mail,apps like twitter, what's app.still I don't know why 920 is heating up.please post some suggestions.i reset my phn twise.but still problem not solved.
    01-05-2014 09:33 AM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar
    Its either due to some app or an hardware issue. Try closing all the apps using the X if you're on GDR3 or hit the back button till you cannot go further. If the problem still persists then check your background apps.
    01-05-2014 09:40 AM

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