1. DarthMengon's Avatar
    i just found that my Primary WP account (live.com) is missing two s/mime related Settings, which a secondary Outlook.com Account has.
    Does anybody know if this is correct, or how i could configure my live.com account to use this ability also ?

    07-21-2014 03:09 AM
  2. Nerdy Woman's Avatar
    Is this screen shot from a friend's phone? I'm assuming it is since your phone does not have this setting.

    There was an announcement last year regarding S/Mime support. It is part of an enterprise feature pack for IT departments.

    Making Windows Phone an even better choice for business

    Investigating further, it requires Active Directory Certificate Services and Exchange ActiveSync.

    S/MIME Configuration

    So I am guessing that the screenshot in your post is from a phone that has a corporate user account attached to it. That is why the S/Mime option is there.

    By the way, a corporate account is not something I would ask for. It gives the IT department MDM (mobile device management) tools that include the ability to lock or erase your phone content.
    07-21-2014 05:36 AM
  3. DarthMengon's Avatar
    Wrong, ist my Phone. Its a Lumia 930 running the actual Developer Preview of WP 8.1. And it is only on the Outlook.com adress. And it has no corporate account attached
    07-21-2014 06:28 AM
  4. Nerdy Woman's Avatar
    okay. I'm with you now. I've got this on a secondary account also. It's an Office 365 for business account that is hosted on an Exchange ActiveSync server (Microsoft cloud).

    If you go to email settings, to add account, you'll notice in the list of account options, Exchange and Outlook.com are separate account types. Is your second account with S/Mime hosted on an Exchange server?
    07-21-2014 06:48 AM
  5. DarthMengon's Avatar
    No, as i have said, its a simple Outlook.com adress which i use only private (no Office 365 or Exchange)
    07-21-2014 06:55 AM
  6. Nerdy Woman's Avatar
    I surrender. I thought it might be possible that receiving an S/Mime secured message might install the sender's cert and public key and trigger the setting, but we don't have IRM set up on that Exchange server so I can't replicate that using my secured account and outlook.com account.
    07-21-2014 07:28 AM

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