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    Hi Community,

    i did a hardreset on my girlfriends Lumia 720 (device was really buggy) and restored the data then.
    Actually the device runs fine now but i ran into a few problems:

    1. Calendar doesn't work on glance anymore.
    I just can set quick notifications and set the night mode (same problem on my Lumia 640 btw...)
    WP 8.1 and the glance app are up to date...
    How can i fix this?

    2. It seems that WP sorts all pics, stored on the SD-Card, after modification date (=date of hardreset) and not creation date!
    When i open the photo app, the order of all pics is messed up, which is really annoying!
    Is there any way to change this?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

    08-22-2015 06:37 AM

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