930 screen still works but has gone black/ghostly green, how can I fix this?

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930 screen still works but gone black/ghostly green

Hi all

I opened up my Nokia Lumia 930 screen one afternoon to check messages, to find a long green line down one side of the screen. I was concerned but hoped that was extent of whatever damage had been inflicted (none, as far as I am aware as it had been sat on my desk all day, but I know these things are sensitive). But then a small black smudge appeared in bottom right corner. Over the evening this proceeded to grow over my entire screen and fade everything else in the background. Anything that does show is very sickly, ghostly green and indecipherable. Now all I can see of anything is the top left hand corner, and that's only if I turn all lights off and peer. Not ideal. I have ordered a cheapo replacement from EE but they have said they won't fix it, and I don't have insurance. The woman at EE said it might be the LCD screen or something? And she guessed culprit was tiny bit of water or condensation. Great.
As I don't know the first thing about how my phone is built, does anyone know what the problem might be? Does what she say sound correct?
The screen still works, I am able to tap into my phone and navigate (only by guesswork though, I can't actually see a thing) and see receive calls etc. And the three buttons along the button still light up and work just fine.
I want to take it to a phone repair shop but don't want to be ripped off, I want to sound like I know what I am talking about and exactly what I want fixing.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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