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A question about 3g signal on W1


New member
Jul 5, 2013
I bought a Huawei W1 in China, and I was going to use it in Vancouver. After getting the phone, I found the rom of the Chinese version locks the region of app store. I couldn't switch the region to other countries except for Chinese. As a result, I found a rom of the US version online and re-install it to my Huawei phone. I can change any regions of app store right now. However, after putting my SIM card (the carrier is Rogers in Canada) inside, it didn't recognize the internet signal. After that, I added a new apn setting for the internet connection, and it works. However, it just recognize the 2g(edge) signal, and I have tried several times, it still doesn't work on 3g signal.

I tried to infer the reason of the 3g problem, and I thought it might be the band difference. I saw the official website of Huawei said the band of W1 is UMTS 900/2100, but the band of Rogers is 850/1900.

My question is: Is it possible that I flash another radio file that support the band of 850/1900 into my phone, so that my phone could work on 3g in Vancouver? What do you think? What should I do?

Thank you!


New member
Sep 24, 2012
From what I know, the radio is made to receive a set of frequencies, and can not be altered by software. One would have to replace the receiver to one that supports 850/1900, but that's highly impractical, if not impossible. If one could flash software it would make company exclusives useless, but would be helpful in the States for the AT&T/T-Mobile fight. You may be stuck on 2G.

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