Alright. Buying a WP8 device straight up off contract. Need help with deciding.


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Apr 28, 2012
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I'm on T-Mobile and as usual we get screwed and AT&T gets the better Lumia device. But since no one ever says anything about the 810, only the HTC 8X and Lumia 920, I want some help with this decision from those that have them.

I watched the video of the Lumia 920 vs the 8X at the Deadmau5 show, and It's obvious HTC still cannot make a camera with video recording with clear sound. And they've been at the lowest tier of my choice of phone manufacturers ever since I had an Aria on AT&T back forever ago.

I had the Lumia 710 for a long time, and it was the biggest piece of garbage I ever used in my life. The battery life sucked, the camera sucked, and windows phone did not run smooth. Things froze, the screen would become unresponsive, I had it replaced atleast 6 times before I switched the the HTC Radar 4G. I like the Radar, it's probably one of the only HTC devices I've actually enjoyed. Now for the question.

My mom and dad also have a a lumia 710 and they HATE it to death. My dad prefers android, I prefer android in most cases, but I'm very prone to rooting and flashing, so I've been sticking with Windows phone so I can actually preserve my texts, photos, apps, etc.


Questions for the Lumia 810:
1. How is the battery life?
2. Does it record and not sound like white noise?
3. Does it actually perform properly unlike the Lumia 710?

Questions for the HTC 8X:
1. How is the battery life?
2. I know it takes extremely good pictures, and records clear but sound recording is piss poor, but how is the shutter speed?
3. Is there any advantage to getting another HTC phone if I'm usually disappointed in the brand?

Or would I be better off buying an unlocked Lumia 920 and dealing with EDGE here in Norman, Oklahoma until T-Mobile gets their refarmed 1900Mhz network running here.
Nov 20, 2012
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As far as the Lumia 810 goes im mostly happy with it. My friend has the 710 and I can see why you hate it. But the 710 and 810 are milds different.

Battery life is amazing to me. I have multiple email accounts set up and syncing automatically. I have brightness set to high. I listen to music tons. I play games and I am reading. Not to mention I tend to constantly be talking or texting and GPS is on. My battery usually lasts me about 10-12 hours easily before I get the low battery warning. That's with extremely heavy use. In fact as I type this I realize I am using my phone a lot lol.

I haven't taken any bids but camera wise I love this camera compared to his 710 and its better than my old galaxy s3

As far as HTC goes I used to be an avid fan and I think the 8x is nice and all but I'm not impressed with their hardware over nokias. The 810 feels better built and it seems like a lot of wasted space on the 8x even though they are the same size.

I've owned 8 different HTC models and I'm sick of their issues that factor from badly made hardware.

I definitely recommend trying the 810 out

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