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Anyway to install a mirror for Win 10 on two ssds?

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anyway to install a mirror for win 10 on two ssds

I have win 8.1 on an ssd going to do a clean install of win10 on said drive. Wanting to use another ssd same size to mirror first drive to always have a current backup of C:\


Apr 16, 2011
If your PCs hard drive supports it, you could set the two drives up in RAID1 configuration for exactly that purpose.


Jan 6, 2014
That would be a function of the SATA controller on the motherboard.

If it's got an Intel chipset (ex. ICH10R = the R stands for RAID), and you set the drive mode in BIOS to support RAID instead of IDE or AHCI, and install two drives, you should see a CTRL+I prompt during bootup which lets you configure it.

There are others besides Intel (this is the one I could spout off all that info off the top of my head for), you need to check your motherboard manual.


New member
Mar 19, 2015
Re: anyway to install a mirror for win 10 on two ssds

RAID 1 and RAID 0 are the most common types of RAID configuration. Raid 0 uses 2 drives to increase performance and RAID 1 is used to mirror your setup in case of failure.