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[App][Free] AmazingWeather Lite v 3.2


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Jun 2, 2011
What's better than a great paid app? A great Free app! We are happy to launch AmazingWeather Lite, the same app you love in a free version. AmazingWeather is a gorgeous, simple and informative weather app for WP7 which has almost all what you can ask for!
The app features detailed data for weather conditions such as temp, wind speed and direction, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, quick five days overview and a detailed view with a text forecast, detailed conditions for the next 24 hours with charts and many more.

**currently the app available in English only, we will add German, Spanish, French soon

**IMPORTANT If you have set your phone's display language to German, Spanish or French the app settings will not open, we are truly sorry and an update has been submitted for testing to fix this issue.

The choice between a metro theme with two shades or a realistic theme with astonishing animations is yours to make, in addition to the live tile theme either realistic or metro.

The free version has these limitations:
-One live tile that updates every 24 hours.

Changes in v3.2
- enhanced live tiles.

You can always opt in for the full 1.49$ version to remove the ads and add more than one live tile with hourly updates.


Full: In Marketplace

Lite: In Marketplace
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