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App launch (restore) time got longer, has anyone else experienced this?

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App launch (restore) time got longer


After updating to Win10 from 8.1 on my Lumia 640 I've noticed that apps now launch or restore slower. For example on 8.1 Skype started in 5-6 seconds. On Win10 it takes about 10 seconds. The same with other applications. The launch/restore time increased by 80%-100%.
Do you guys experience the same?


T Moore

New member
Jan 21, 2013
Re: App launch (restore) time got longer

100% of 5 seconds is 5 seconds.
At the same time why totally close an app when it is in the background using no battery or cycles, This is why they are still in the background. When you want them again slide over and use the app


New member
Mar 27, 2016
Re: App launch (restore) time got longer

T Moore, dude learn to read and count. I said that launch/restore time increased BY 80%-100%. Which means 100% + 80%/100% = 180%/200%

No need to explain what is background and what happens when you close the app. I'm saying that restore time INCREASED comparing to Windows Phone 8.1. Almost twise!