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ASROCK Z77 Extreme6 broke with Win 10 no bios access, why?

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ASROCK Z77 Extreme6 broke with win 10 no bios access

I have ASROCK Z77 Extreme 6 motherboard with windows 7pro. My system was set to auto update win 7 pro.Unfortunately Windows 10 partially downloaded or full did and broke my system I have NO bios access .board stuck in a loop accessing DVD powers on and repeats DVD access and pause .No BIOS screen NO boot .Win 7 emergency boot disc will not boot my system.I did not want the win 10 upgrade I did not want it to break my Digital audio work station.I thought win 10 was an option to download?I did not want the upgrade I did not want my professional Digital Audio Workstation system broken with Steinberg Cubase 7.5.NOW I cannot use my I732gigs of ram new system because of a win 10 upgrade I did not want. Do you guy have a simple answer to restore my system? My system is mute black screen broken NO bios??


New member
Dec 25, 2012
Re: ASROCK Z77 Extreme6 broke with win 10 no bios access

I doubt the failed win 10 download would have broken your motherboard in such a way that you cannot even access the bios. Have you tried a bios reset?