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Backup to One Drive without desktop sync?

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I'd like to know if there is a way to use One Drive to backup files from my PC (Dell XPS 13, Windows 10) to the cloud without them taking up storage space on my SSD?

So, upload to One Drive without keeping physical copies on the desktop app.

Even if this was only for new image/video backups it would solve my problem.

Alternatively, can I somehow remove files already backed up from my desktop One Drive folders without also deleting them from my One Drive cloud folders?

Or another solution to use One Drive as cloud storage only but still retain the ability to upload from the PC.

Any help much appreciated.

Tejas Javery

New member
Mar 19, 2014
There is no way to automatically remove the stuff from the device once it gets uploaded to one drive. it is just a risky thing and hence, to prevent unwanted data loss, there is no option like that.

you will manually have to remove the files from your pc once they get uploaded.

and make sure you check what has been uploaded and what not. you can see that in the onedrive app itself, but checking what all is uploading and upload history or just check the folders manually.

agreed it is a bit length process, but it is for our data protection itself.

hope you understand, and hope I solved your query.

also, please feel free to join the Windows Central community. once here, we might just be able to help you better.

good day! :)