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Be Wary of the toshiba official bluetooth keyboard case


New member
Feb 15, 2015
So on a lark I ordered the official toshiba bluetooth case from toshiba here--to work with my new toshiba encore 2 write tablet

it won't let me post the link but the part number is PA5213U-1ESB

It seems like a great case--and I noticed what I THOUGHT was this on the maximumpc video on youtube that had a demo of the toshiba encore write 2 10 inch and 8 inch..

But I do not think it is the same thing.

It seems like a very well made keyboard...and it includes a touchpad..which is great..

But its really more of a keyboard add on than a case--you can't have any kind of case on your tablet for it to work
it would only work on a flat surface, not your lap
it doesn't really offer any major protection or space for the stylus....

If you are using it on a desk the back cover folds out as a stand for the tablet but it doesn't strike me as being very stable. Nothing really CLIPS into the tablet--held on more by gravity than anything specific.

At $109 it seems rather expensive. I would wait for an official encore 2 case or perhaps the item from the video will show up eventually in a new package that will be more functional.

I might have to use this on my lap in a meeting on a chair and it would not really function. ZAGG made some great cases I used with my ipad 3 and I wish they could make something similar!

For now I will just use the amazing pen to WRITE and take notes...