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[BETA] Kobo Reading Application for Windows 8.1 Phone


New member
Mar 5, 2015
Kobo is pleased to announce a new beta program for the Kobo Windows 8 Phone application and we would like to invite everyone that has a Windows 8.1 phone and loves to read to take part in it.
Through this program, we are hoping to accomplish the following:
Get valuable feedback based on a wide variety of real usage scenarios.
You can also tell us what features you would like to have in your Kobo App.
Your valuable feedback will help us make the Kobo Windows application the best reading application out there.

Beta Builds will only be released to the beta participants so you can rest assured that the only difference between betas and the final product would be a bit of polish here and there.
If this sounds like something that you?re interested in, then please send an email to windowsappfeedback at kobo dot com with your email address associated with Microsoft Store so you can download the beta builds.

Looking forward to your participation and feedback!

Kobo Windows Team