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Steven Piazza

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Nov 16, 2012
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I've been using an 822 for a couple weeks (trial phone from Verizon). I enjoyed many aspects of the phone (speed, flexible new tile sizes, battery life, toast messages that actually work) but I was disappointed in two aspects: Camera quality (indoors) and Auto Screen Brightness .

I took several hundred photos and wasn't impressed. Don't get me wrong, the images are better than my old Trophy but they are subpar compared to the samples I've seen coming out of the 8x and 920. I know the camera is not of the same f2.0 as the aforementioned phones but I expected less blur and sharper photos.

The screen is also fairly dark/muddy (brightness setting is on automatic) when phone comes out of standby/sleep. When screen is manually set to bright, it looks beautiful. I'm usually like the auto setting because I don't want to drain the battery. This issue could be due to using a demo device as I also noticed a burn in on the screen cause by a missing SIM card when I initially opened the box. I didn't know AMOLED screens could suffer from burn-in.

I would still consider purchasing this phone because I'm a nokia fan for all the right reasons. I will likely wait until they come out with a flagship phone this spring.
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Jun 5, 2011
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As I'm looking to move back to WP and also like Nokia's products I am also disappointed in the lack of a higher end Nokia like the 920 on Verizon. I hope the rumors of exciting things coming to Verizon or so Elop said in his Cnet interview. They need something better than the 8X which I would not get due to lack of expansion and sealed battery. I need a microSD slot and swappable battery. My hope is the 822 was Verizon's way of getting Nokia in the door while they wait for a 920 successor to arrive on Verizon and make AT&T wait for fall to get theirs.

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