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Can Surface Pro be charged using a power bank like any other tablets?

Ian Mancera

New member
Feb 26, 2015
I’m willing to have the New Surface Pro on me, but since I have never touched or seen a Surface devices, I just realized that it’s way of charging is the magnetic pins, so I’m wondering is Surface Pros or any other Surface devices other than Studio, can they be charged on the go with like power banks? Is there any way to either charge Surfaces on USB A, or using other Surface charging pin to USB A to charge it via power banks? I mean I know Surface Pro got improved battery, but I’m also planning to get most of my lifestyle with it by planning to buy a big Anker power bank too so I could work all the time, without any interruption, then I’ll just charge it with its real charger at home? Macbooks, iPads can be charged through it or any USB C/Lightning to USB A chargers, cables or powerbanks, how about Surface devices?