Canada Lumia BOGO (950XL/950) Find a Partner Thread

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Nov 12, 2012
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It's back. Buy One Lumia 950 XL and get a free Lumia 950. Offer expected to last through June 27, 2016.
Blog: Buy a Lumia 950 XL and get a Lumia 950 for free in Canada and the U.S. | Windows Central
Microsoft Store:

Find partners here and negotiate by PM to help each other out so more users can take advantage of this fantastic deal. Buy a 950 XL and get a 950 for free. By partnering up, each user gets a great price on a new device!!!

Please ONLY post interest and which device you prefer. When you have a partner, please post that you have struck a deal so your PM box does not receive more inquiries than you need and others time is not wasted finding a partner.

PayPal Gift is a recommended method for payment. Stay safe, have fun and good luck.

[WARN]Keep all prices mentioned in PM ONLY. DO NOT share any personal contact information in this thread. Keep all details to PM ONLY

Do NOT link to your sale on another site or mention what your seller name is elsewhere. This will draw Warnings and Infractions

Violating Posts will get purged and Infractions will be issued.

The idea is for the community members to find a partner on the deal. That is the sole purpose of this thread. Negotiations MUST happen elsewhere (it is suggested that you use our Private Message system).

This thread WILL be removed if these simple guidelines can not be followed.[/WARN]

If you buy the BOGO on your own and want to sell a device you must only mention that sale by posting an appropriate ad which follows all rules in our Marketplace Forum. Your Marketplace Qualifications are not our concern. If you are qualified, go for it. If you are not, don't try and skirt the rules. You WILL be Infracted for it.

[NOTE]Marketplace Qualified Members may sell in Marketplace ONLY: The Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Trade - Windows Central Forums

Per Marketplace Rules (Marketplace Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums) you must follow the template and include pics of the actual device with the screen on. Pictures must show everything included or show the intact seal on an unopened box.

Please fill in the info for the template (shown below) and place your ad in the Marketplace Forum, no other location is acceptable.

Thread title: (WTS/WTT - use the drop down menu in the compose post box)
Item Description:
Carrier Locked or Unlocked?:
Condition: Refer to our condition guide
Item Location:
Shipping Details:
Payment Options:
Additional Info:
Photos: NO STOCK PHOTOS - post picture(s) of the actual item in your possession, screen on and show everything included or show the intact seal on an unopened box.
Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)

This thread is for lining up partners via PM only. It is a courtesy we have decided to extend. Do not trample the normal rules in your excitement.

Please do not make us close this down.

Thank you, Canadians, for running a clean thread last go around. It is very much appreciated. The dire Warnings are necessary for those few who just don't get it.
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