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Copy and Paste OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photos from Windows 10's Photos App to File Explorer

Don Geronimo

New member
Aug 22, 2014

I stumbled upon this late at night while I was working on a portfolio. None of my photos are synced on my Surface Pro through OneDrive, though my photos and videos show on Windows 10's Photos app. I'm able to--pretty seamlessly I might add--copy a photo that I want to work on or edit and paste it into File Explorer. It's really as simple as:

  1. Choose a OneDrive (Cloud Only) Photo from Windows 10's Photos App
  2. Choose More, then Copy
  3. Paste in File Explorer--or anywhere for that matter

It's saved me a ton of headaches. Before I found this out I went to OneDrive.com and downloaded the photos or stock images I needed for a project. Now, I can just fire up the Photos app, choose the assets I need, choose Copy, then paste them anywhere on my Surface.


New member
Jul 16, 2012
Looks as if Microsoft have done something right for a change.

I am totally feed up with the OneDrive implementation that is in Windows 10. It is totally retrograde from my point of view. I have 400 Gb of data on OneDrive currently with one folder which is 240 Gb and Microsoft expect me to sync that folder to PC, tablet etc. under Windows 10 - they must be joking. If I could I would go back to Windows 8.1.1 but I can for certain reasons.

Hopefully Microsoft will sort this out soon. There are over 17000 votes on one item on the OneDrive uservoice and another 6000 on another item, both of which are requesting changes to make OneDrive Windows 10 more like OneDrive Windows 8.1.1. But as normal Microsoft are not listening.




New member
Jun 15, 2015
this is still retarded. I don't know have to navigate through folders(Located on OneDrive) through the Photos app.