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Cyan update problems on Lumia 525 in India

Jun 8, 2014
I have a Lumia 525 CV - India currently running the latest windows phone 8.1 developer preview. Now that the cyan update is officially available, I want to install it. Since its not showing up on my phone, I guess its the same issue as others running the 8.1 dp. So I am trying the steps I found on wpcentral about downgrading to wp8 using the nokia software recovery tool. But I am having certain problems:

1. The backup option in phone settings is not working. It starts the backup, but fails at 97% every time. Do I really need that backup? What does it exactly backing up?

2. All my media and apps are on SD card since I installed wp8.1 dp. I know that apps won't work but should I remove my SD card before using the nokia software recovery tool to preserve my media? Or should I sync everything to the pc and sync back after flashing? Also, will the card be wiped and formatted during the process?

3. Lastly, nokia software recovery tool is showing the software version of the cyan update and not the wp8 black update which came installed on the device. So, I guess I won't be downgrading to wp8 but straight away going to install cyan. Is this going to be a problem?

Please help me people.


New member
Jun 25, 2013
1. The backup function of the Nokia recovery tool is kind of weird, because even if you make a backup... you will still lose all content, apps and media. I think the backup option is for making a copy of the phone's ROM in case something goes wrong. Most people go directly to the downgrading process without problems and without making a backup, but you can try in another PC if you feel insecure about it.

2. I think removing the micro SD card before downgrading sounds reasonable and safe, better do it.

3. If the software shows Cyan firmware as available, i think there is no problem because the program will revert the WP8.1 DP to WP8.1 official + Cyan.
Jun 8, 2014
did the upgrade. so far so good. thinking about sticking to the official updates from now on. dp has its share of bugs. almost switched to android due to whatsapp notification problems in the dp. lets see how the official cyan performs. i love my lumia and also wp8.1.

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