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Jul 1, 2014
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Ok, so I am definetley not crying wolf here. After installing Build 9860, I got an error message in the Action Center that says my virus protection, amd anti-spyware was off in Windows Defender. I went to go turn it back on but I cant. It says that it cant verify the digital signature, and due to to a recent software change (AKA Build 9860), blah blah. I just put a back up Anti-Virus Program on here really fast so I dont get infected, but can someone please give me a list of programs that are not sketchy and that work with this current build of Windows Tech Preview? Thanks. And also if you know how to fix Windows Defender, could you help me on that too? Thanks. I would really appreciate it. :)


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Nov 12, 2012
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This isn't an emergency. You're using mid-development prototype software and some features don't work, are buggy, or are just plain absent.

Ideally, Windows 10 shouldn't be installed onto your primary computing device and you shouldn't really be using it for anything involving money or personal information.

Having said that, viruses are a little like vampires, you often need to invite them in order to infect your system. Safe browsing habits will protect you against most threats:-
1) Use tracking list protection in Internet Explorer to zap adverts (and any nasty scripts they might have)
2) Don't be clicky-clicky on everything without trusting what you're doing
3) When browsing on a potentially unsafe system (I'd consider Windows 10 to be unsafe until it hits retail), don't wander off the beaten track, stick with established, known websites.
4) Windows 10 is a prototype, expect to need to wipe it and start over if things go bad


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May 28, 2014
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Occasionally on startup I have gotten a notification that security was turned off, usually just a restart would resolve it.

Just as a side note, you are not using a technical preview as your primary os are you? In other words if you needed to wipe the install it shouldn't be a big deal...

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