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Seems like there were some sort of changes to network services on the first of the year. My Blu HD lte (windows 8.1) was working just fine with FreedomPop on sim1 - for data only and Tracfone on sim2 - for phone, text, & data.

January 2nd, I noticed nothing working anymore. I was able to able to get Tracfone working (as a phone, text, & data) only by making the Tracfone (#2) sim the sim for data connection. I have not been able to get FreedomPop to work. The phone shows "no service" if I try to make the FreedomPop sim the data connection. Did Tracfone go to voice over LTE or something like that? And where did my FreedomPop go?

BTW: my FreedomPop Android and FreedomPop Mingle hotspot still work just fine with LTE service.


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Nov 12, 2012
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When you made the Tracfone SIM the primary data slot, you moved it off GSM (2G) for data and onto the fastest available, hence the LTE. No, Tracfone is not using VoLTE to the best of my knowledge...

On dual SIM Windows Phones, you choose one slot for data and that gets use of the 3G and LTE radio, the other slot can have voice and 2G data (useful for SMS/texting).

Don't know where your FreedomPop data went. Have you tried contacting them?

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