Given up trying to use hacks for caldav on my Lumia with 8.1


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May 19, 2015
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So, I really REALLY like the way my 640 LTE works with everything but work... they denied me access for a non-company approved phone.
[because no US carrier has it listed, my IMEI is not supported by corp for our MDM link]

So, that means I get to go "rogue" like 1/3 of all droids at the office.

But, since there is no native CalDav support except for icloud, and our server will not sync on it, I am left with my trusty/rusty alternative....

I've tried setting it up before, but, never with my Lumia. Until now... I am using memotoo as a proxy of sorts for getting access to my caldav/carddav services at work. (we use Zimbra but have our mobile services outsourced)

- Calendar works flawlessly now
- Contacts have all the profile mugshots [plus it sync's between my legacy gmail and icloud and work... no dupes!!!]
- IMAP/SSL kinda/sorta works, but, I noticed that there is a "softfail" message in the x-headers of messages sent... that would be bad.

Were it not for the goofy imap thingy, I would just run 100% of my mobile services through memotoo. It handles management of contacts and duplicates better than anything I've used in the past. And it has export/import tools that virtually eliminate headaches with updates.

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