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Help! 950 boot looping after update, cannot reset.


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Jan 18, 2013
Hoping someone can give me some helpful advice.
A few days back my 950 prompted me to restart after it had downloaded an update (I'm on the Release Preview ring btw) so I checked a few things, made sure it had backed up online recently and let it restart.

That was the last time I had a working phone.

When it seemed to have finished the process, it restarted, and restarted and just kept on restarting. It will display "Microsoft", show the Windows logo for half a second, then just reboot.

I can get it to respond to the Hard Reset command, but after getting the exclamation point and pressing the correct keys, it just goes back to boot looping.

Tried WDRT, but it never gets detected, I just keep hearing the connect and disconnect noise from Windows.

So, am I screwed? Phone is almost 2 years old now, so no warranty.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Jun 18, 2017
I also have this issue.

Lumia 930 since November 2014 so well out of warranty.

I've found that if I plug the device in to charge and soft reset it'll snap out of it, however as soon as it's off charge it enters a spin of death, symptoms exactly the same as above.

Mine first did it 3rd June, worked fine for two weeks and is now proper kaput. It's also been eating battery of recent too.

Edit; Mines a Lumia 930, but still running 10.
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