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Help getting apps for Windows Phone!

Vandrey Trindade

New member
Jun 24, 2013
Guys... I've twited a lot of accounts again in these last two days...

Santander (@sac_santander_br), Caixa (@caixa), Polycom (@polycom) videoconference app, Steam (@steamgames e @steam_support), Flamengo (@flamengo), O Tempo (@portalotempo) Belo Horizonte newspaper, Pou (@poualien) game that our girlfriends ask lol, Globo (@redeglobotv), Mercado Livre (@mercadolivre), BomNeg?cio (@bomnegocio), OLX (@olx), ?Torrent (@utorrent), Ingresso.com (@ingresso_com), Candy Crush (@candycrushsaga) this twit was tagged as favourite by Reddit Mobile, Flickr (@flickr), SoundCloud (@soundcloud), SnapChat (@snapchat), Vivo (@vivoemrede) asking for an app like that app for O2 in UK, OpenVPN (@openvpn), Com2Us (@com2us) Summoners Wars developers, game that a friend of mine wants, Etermax (@etermax) Preguntados developer, Clash of clans (@clashofclans), If This Then That (@ifttt) nice app, Locometric (@locometric) app to draw flor plants...

And participated of Rudy's campaign #dontForgetYourOwnApp for these apps:
Zedge (@zedge) wallpapers and ringtones app, Tetris Blitz (@tetrisblitzea), Moovit (@moovit_br e @moovitapp) public transport Waze, Spotify (@spotify), Facebook (@facebook), Ita? (@itau), Twitter (@twitter), 9GAG (@9gag), Pinterest (@pinterest), Instagram (@instagram) e BreakingNews (@breakingnews) because of this app that all these twits started =p

And twited another accounts asking for better apps...
Help guys... If you don't have time to twit everyone, RT my tweets (@vandreytrindade)
The WP community has to get together to these apps be released.

I'll get two organizations as an example: Locometric and If This Then That.
The first one answered me saying that when the plataform "cacthes on" they'll release the app for WP...
Then I answered that if they gave us the app it'll help the plataform to be more known, if they can develop the app either so. Then I've twited Rudy asking if he only do social networks alterantive apps, asking about Locometric app. Then Locometric tagged that twit as favourite.
The second one answered me that "they have no plans" of developing the app for WP, asking me to follow a page of updates and news about their product.
I answered that "I had no plans" to follow who hasn't have any products for me.

I think that if a lot of people ask for the apps they will be released... what do you think?