Help in Choosing Mogul over Q9c


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Jun 23, 2006
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I'm looking for a device for my wife to replace her 700p. She likes the form factor of the Q9 but the "toys" of the Mogul. Currently she's using an LG Rumor (our spare/emergency phone) until Assurion replaces her 700p due to a damage from a "frustration-induced episode" with her 700p..a reoccurring she's come accustomed to a slider.

Here's her requirements...

  • Must be easy to type on...she does quite a few text 200 to 300 /mo. Types lightning fast too (smokes me in video games..she's a bad-a$$ button masher)
  • Threaded messaging is a MUST...this is #1
  • Large screen helpful...portrait/landscape feature is porb something she'll like
  • dedicated hard button to call-up text messaging..or programmable quick keys/hot keys/shortcuts to specific contacts..ala speed dial
  • touch-screen lock-out while on phone call..or guarantee that she won't hang-up a call with her cheek
  • bullet-proof BT for headset use
  • BT dialing
  • good speaker phone
  • good camera and video capabilities
  • battery life on-par with Treo 700p

Just to note...non-factor items.
  • touch screen...can live with or without it
  • Probably never use WiFi..
  • Not a big web browser at all...maybe to google-local something or google maps on few occasions
  • Listening to a Nano already
  • No Push email ..or any email on the phone...for now
So what to do??? I'm for sure getting a Touch. Right now we both have Treo's and one universal recharger in our cars and around the home is a major plus....just hate to have multiple wall warts.

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