How can I change the album of my music?

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I downloaded some music from Youtube (It wasn't copyright) to save money and time. Then I edited the info with MP3tag and I thought that had done the trick. When Groove started working again I checked whether it would show the album cover, and sure enough, some did. But it turned out there was another album called Unity and some others showed a different album (it is only Unity that bothered me, as it also said it was track 12). How can I fix these errors?

Rugish Dapeca

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Dec 17, 2015
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You are on the right track using MP3tag to fix the tags and album art.

  1. Load the MP3 file into MP3tag and select it first by single clicking on the entry in the main window.
  2. Right click on the album art icon at the lower left of the window and select "Remove Cover".
  3. Add new album art by either right click again on the album art icon and select "Add Cover" to add a local image file
    Use the album art option in the toolbar to locate the proper image online.
  4. Clean up any other tags to fix album name, track number etc.
  5. Save File
  6. Enjoy

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