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How do I move songs from Groove music onto my laptop ?

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I imported loads of backing tracks onto my new laptop from an external hard drive, all of which I also have in iTunes.
I've been able to access most tracks, but there's a handful that are on a Groove playlist and I can't move them onto the laptop.
I want to be able to order them with the rest, and create a new playlist, but they won't move.
Any advise ?


New member
Apr 2, 2017
You can download music from groove to your onedrive or backup to disk, but they come with DRM baked in, so you can only play them in groove. Well, I'm no expert but that was my experience.

Is it possible to get them from iTunes? (Not being a user of any apple products I have not a clue)

You can't move the files, because they are on a groove platlist? As in you want them on that playlist, or the system won't actually let you move them because of the playlist?

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