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How do I set Bing as homepage on my Surface 3 instead of MSN with its rubbish?

Raymond Lavertue

New member
Jun 27, 2015
I'm trying to switch to the Bing search engine on my new Surface 3 after using Opera for some time but I don't want MSN as my homepage. How can I set Bing as my homepage instead? Is it possible to eliminate the banner of primarily inane and pointless MSN idiocy-news that seems to run along the bottom of the Bing page? I don't want to know anything more than I already unfortunately do about Kim Kardashian and the rest of her corporation-family.

Thank you for any assistance with this objective.


Community Review Team
Nov 12, 2012
Is this on internet explorer?
You can change the homepage from the settings.

Desktop version IE > gear > internet options I think