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How do you download your Xbox Music Song Collection?


New member
Nov 3, 2012
Hey Guys,

I recently got my hands on the Lumia 920 (from Rogers) but I'm having some trouble with the music. I screwed up bad enough once already that I had to reset my device. After I did a reset of my device and restored it (a great new feature btw), my entire Xbox Music collection was listed on my device, but all the Xbox music pass songs are not downloaded. I can't find a way to get the songs to automatically download like they do on the windows 8 Xbox music app through the cloud. Does anybody know how this works? I'd rather not have to re-download my hundreds of pass songs one by one.

Also, I tried to get the windows phone 8 app the add my xbox music pass folder to my device, but that just doubled up all the songs. And the desktop windows phone 8 application was a disaster that lead to me resetting the phone...

Thanks in advance for any help!