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i am forced to use skype for desktop.,,please help eagerly waiting for solution

gourav mopidevi

Apr 7, 2014
from few days when ever I open skype app on win 8.1 I found the below forced suggestion..so I forced to use skype for desktop...when I update to win 10 I still found I am unable to use skype app please help how to enable using skype app I don't want to use skype for desktop
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New member
Jul 31, 2015
You can't run Skype as an app any more. It is not in line with the new Microsoft strategy to run in full screen apps.
One work around (that still works but not for long) is to use the test version of Skype Translate and use it as normal Skype (full screen).

(It's a bit funny that MS is abandoning full screen apps and functionality just about the same time as Apple will start to push it and will be called an "Apple invention..." in there next OSX version, El Capitan)


New member
Jan 23, 2013
Apperantly that's what Microsoft believes we should do, bringing everything back from the glory desktop days, no more metro/modern apps.... apperantly.....


New member
Apr 20, 2014
Just about the most stupid idea MS or Skype have come up with, kill off an app months before the replacement and call the nightmare for all tablet users an upgrade......

Anyway for now just head for the store and install Skype translator, it's almost identical to the Metro app (With all the same faults) and just ignore the fact it can do translations.

Hopefully later on this year, maybe next or when the competition have buried Skype for good, MS will put out the updated people/phone/messaging apps that in theory will allow you to skype call or message right from there without using a "Skype" app at all.

However for the life of me I cannot understand how a company who goes to all the trouble to make a "Single" OS so universal apps can work across phone/tablet/desktop or Xbox cannot take the perfectly working Phone or Xbox One app and turn it into a universal app so people can have choice and something that actually works.

But what do I know I am just a customer..............


New member
Aug 13, 2013
It's a MISTAKE to kill Skype app. The major disadvantage is that we can no longer expect Skype to work in background and ring whenever we receive a call. The only way to do so is to OPEN Skype and keep it that way. It will nevertheless occupy some space on your taskbar. Which is also irritating to the point that I close it.