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I want my Windows phone Back!!!


New member
Mar 24, 2012
Hey Guys. I haven't been on here much now since the beginning of 2013. And since then I had a Galaxy Nexus which I have now and I now miss my Wp. :-(

reasons why I want my WP back..

Live tiles - Live tiles got me good. I mean gripped me :). and the tiles concept is just TOO cool.

Ecosystem - ever since I left for a galaxy nexus it's harder to get things done now since I'm separated from the MS ecosystem from my Win 8 PC and Tablet and Xbox 360.

really responsive - when I left for Android for a while. I start to feel dissatisfied since I have been on WP for such a long time and Android Jelly Bean is still too slow and Laggy on my phone to meet my WP expectations.

Camera Button - I really am starting to hate the fact that my Galaxy Nexus doesn't have a Camera button. the Camera Button on WP was genius!!!

App looks - I really like the looks of the apps on WP so much better and clean.

IT JUST WORKS!!!! - It's stable and smooth (buttery smooth)

So in conclusion I will get a WP 8X (tennis ball green) :)

Glad to be back on WP :). YAY and what a god send for god sakes :-D

I'll still have my Android phone but WP is my personal and Primary phone


New member
Apr 20, 2012
I played with Nexus 4 for two weeks. It's still buggy and not responsive enough for me. I had 5 Android phones before I went to iOS and then WP. I was doing custom roms like every week on Android, but was never happy with any of them because they are so buggy. Glad to have you back.

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