It's official. .29 rereleased.


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Dec 17, 2015
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Well, that didn?t take long. Redmond officially announced roughly 24 hours ago the latest minor but important maintenance update for the recently stabilized Windows 10 Mobile was pulled from its servers on account of unforeseen glitches, and already, the 10586.29 build is again available to download.

An unnamed Microsoft spokesperson apparently told ZDNet ?an issue with the update server that impacted the installation of the update on a limited number of phones? has been addressed, clearing the way for faster, smoother Lumia 950-series devices than before.

It?s unclear whether the software fix removes misleading low storage messages too, but what?s certain is your installation should no longer freeze, crash or refuse to work its performance-improving magic.

Besides the high-end Lumia 950 and 950 XL, the entry-level 550 can also run the newest Win 10 firmware in a commercially available configuration, while Technical Previewers continue to beta test the OS on older handhelds stuck on WP 8.1 for the masses.

Hopefully, no fresh bugs will enter the equation anytime soon, and so, MS might finally start to bring Lumia veterans up to date ahead of the year?s end. That sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for a slowly growing, perennially faithful user base, doesn?t it?

Source: ZDNet

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