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L900 hangs at white rethink possible, doesn't charge


New member
Mar 10, 2012
Hey guys,
Did a bunch of searches and only came up with solutions relating to plugging the phone into the charger, computer, pulling cord or plugging in at different times.
Tried every combination over and over.

This is on my old L900, as for i now have a 920 for myself, but gave the 900 to my completely tech illiterate brother.

Died while he was on the phone.

Got to be long out of warranty since i got it first day it came out.

Anyone have something to try to get it running.

It will sometimes boot loop.
Others with hang at rethink possible.
Also will sometimes get caught on the screen with the low battery.
Have not gotten to to start past the rethink possible screen.

Thanks for any input.

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
Have you tried a hard reset?

[h=3][/h] If your phone is unresponsive, or it gets stuck showing Nokia logo, then try this: Press and hold both the Volume down and the Power keys for 15 seconds. This should get your phone to restart properly again. If this does not help, then follow next steps to perform OS reset.
Warning: Resetting your phone will return it to the same state it was in the first time you turned it on. All your personal content in the phone, including text messages and apps that you been purchased and downloaded (may be re-downloaded again) will be erased, and the phone will be restore to the factory settings.Here are two options to follow, depending on whether you can access your phone's settings screen or not.
Option 1: About menu

  • Use this option if you can access your phone's settings.
  • This option warns about data loss.
On the Start screen, swipe left, select Settings > About > Reset your phone.
Option 2: Hardware key combination

  • Use this option if you forget or lose the password.
  • Use this option if the phone fails to fully switch on when pressing the power on key.
  • Note: No warning about data loss!
FAQ - Nokia Lumia 900 - How do I reset my Nokia Lumia if it does not work properly? - Nokia - USA


New member
Mar 10, 2012
Thanks laura,
I had tried the usual routes with holding down all the buttons and various starts by holding different combinations.

It appears that the phone is not charging.
It recognizes the cable, tries to start but it's as if during booting it runs out of power before charging can actually begin, then it reattempts the whole process.
Similar to a car battery being dead where you have to get it running so the alternator can charge it.

During searches i found quite a few posts (all different places) with the same issue, but no definitive solution. Some seem to have gotten the phone booted, some didn't.

I may open it up and connect another battery source to see if that's the issue.


New member
Mar 10, 2012
Well, that didn't do it.
Swapped in a fully charged battery from my spare l900, and while the process goes 5 times faster and the initial vibration is much stronger, phone still doesn't start.

I also notice that with a full battery, it's no longer a loop, just sticks at the rethink possible screen period and will NOT stay off regardless, so i left the battery disconnected so if someone knows the solution i have some power to try it.
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