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Nov 5, 2012
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Hey all!

I got an awesome deal on a 64GB microSD card during Black Friday and I got all of my music loaded. I then noticed the Podcasts app pre-installed on the phone. I looked into it and found that there you can subscribe and download current Podcasts on your device.

My question is this: How would I go about adding a series that I have already downloaded to my PC? Since I don't have a data-cap over WiFi at home, normally I'd just re-download. However, the show I'm wanting to load up, The Awful Show, has been over for a number of years and is nowhere to be found (in it's entirety, at least).

Any help would be great!
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Jul 29, 2013
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If your podcast files are .mp3 and have properties (e.g. Artist, Album), in my experience, Groove will see them. It may take a few minutes to index. You can change the location of the Music folder to your SDc. I don't have an SDc in my 950, so I'll give you my best guess on the next part:
In the Music folder on the SDc should be "Music Cache" and "Podcasts." Drop one or two of your 'cast files into the Music folder on the SDc, not one of the subfolders. That works for me. You can also try putting them in their own folder.
If you subscribe to the Podcast, it will show up in the Music/Podcasts
WIth the (extremely rudimentary) Microsoft Podcast app, the only option I've found is that I can overwrite the one of the files (e.g. Podcast.E1) with my own and run it from Microsoft's app.
There are third party podcast players, but I don't know if they can import mp3's. Podcast Lounge and Podcast Critter come to mind. Maybe a recent version can do this.

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