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Hi Guys,

This Post is dedicated for all Lumia 525 Users who all are waiting for OTA update.

Very Strange thing I have noticed when I update my phone.

As per below URL Indian Lumia 525 should receive updated version.

Product Description Latest version Lumia Cyan

Lumia 525 Country variant (India) 3055.40000.1347.1001

But I got different version number from nokia software recovery tool.

Lumia 525 Country variant(India) 3058.50000.1425.0002

Update Size:-1.54GB
Download time:-2 mins 30 secs
Installation time around 7 to 10 mins

Changes notice:-

Battery backup quite increase/better now.

unlocking phone is having some lags. 2 to 3 secs lags which was not earlier

After Installation completes there is another 250 MB download requires as all by default apps requires updates.

Live lock screen app is very very poor i have uninstall it using for 15 to 20 mins.(unlocking screen is taking hell lot of time.)

Whatsapp is giving a message during installation that this os version is not compatible so all features might not work properly.

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Mar 12, 2014
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[1] The lag you experience during unlock is due to Live lockscreen app which is not completely turned off! Go to settings and turn on kids corner, it will pop up a message to turn off live lockscreen, turn it off. Disable kids corner and check, it will become normal and you wont experience any lag.

[2] WhatsApp is partially compatible with 8.1 and you may get this message while setting it up. It will work afterwards.

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