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Lumia 920 Case In Question


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Oct 17, 2012
We are all pre-ordering our Lumias and I can't find very many cases. Otterbox has only two (Defender/Commuter) with only two color schemes. Is anyone having any better luck with this?

Update: bought one at the att store (white with pink trim, also had a black with red trim) and bought a hot pink silicone cover from amazon.
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Sep 17, 2012
Nokia themselves made official cases for the L900 in all of the colors (and then some) that the device came in. I really liked this because I was able to get a black device and swap various colors onto it. I ended up getting a cyan and a red case. And it look completely stock (with the addition of all the buttons being covered as well). It was really thing and was made out of a soft plastic or harder rubber material. They were really nice. I am hoping they make something similar because I don't want to get an ultra bright phone. Some days I like my phone to pop, but most days I am not the guy that likes to screm "LOOK AT ME" as I hold my banana phone to my head. :)

EDIT: Here is an example of the cases I was referring to above.
And a video
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