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Nov 15, 2012
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There are several posts about what apps are available on different platforms for the Band, so I complied a Master List.

Please post any apps I may have missed or any corrections.
PLEASE INCLUDE: Type, Name, Description (brief), and the direct Link to the app.
If I've "Thanked" your post, than I have updated the list and given you credit below this post.

Google Play​
FitnessBaikaStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessBandBikerMonitor your vital statistics during your bike rideLINK
FitnessBand Run ZoneReceive different vibration notifications to speed up or slow down your run based on your heart rate.LINK
FitnessCaledos RunnerRunkeeper and Strava IntegrationLINK
FitnessCatchmeRunkeeper and Strava IntegrationLINK
FitnessCrewNerdOn-the-Water Exercises (ex. Rowing, kayaking)LINKLINK
FitnessCycle Tracks GPSStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessCyclersStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessExtravaStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessGuavaStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessiBandFitness Monitor Measured in WattsLINK
FitnessKlivaStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessRiseUp!A simple yet robust fitness tracker for your weekly exercise regimen.LINK
FitnessRunKeeperGPS trackingLINKLINK
FitnessSpeed-o-MeterUses GPS to measure speed while Driving, Cycling or RunningLINK
FitnessStravaRun and BikeLINKLINK
FitnessStriverStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessTabata+Custom exercise routinesLINK
FitnessTracks for StravaStrava IntegrationLINK
FitnessTrackStar RunningStrava ImporterLINK
FitnessTRAINRWork out with a series of challenges and routinesLINK
FitnessWalk ReminderReminds you to get up and move if you've been sitting too long.LINK
EntertainmentMyHeartSaysValentine season special for boys and girls, men and women for fun! Developer linkLINK
GameBand Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe GameLINK
GameBand Whoopie CushionSend Whoopie Cushion sounds to your phoneLINK
GameBand VibrateUse the Bands accelerometer to vibrate your bandLINK
GameBounce for BandPong GameLINK
GameHorror Fists For BandPunch monsters using Microsoft Band as a controller
**Windows 10 Universal App (PC, Phone, Tablet)**
GameJam BandPlay Air GuitarLINK
GameRubik's Band TimerRubik's Cube TimerLINK
GameSound BandMotion Sound EffectsLINK
MedicalBand Sensor MonitorExpose, share more sensor infoLINK
MedicalBandMT-Fever WatchDetect the probability of certain medical conditionsLINK
MedicalMS Band Sensor MonitorExpose, share more sensor infoLINK
MedicalUVBetter UV detectionLINK
ThemeAwesome Band BackgroundsSearch/replace backgroundsLINK
ThemeBand CompanionCustomize wallpaper, theme, take photos, display battery statusLINK
ThemeBand Companion for iOSCustomize wallpaper and real-time sensor dataLINK
ThemeBand SocialCreate/share themesLINK
ThemeBand To-GoAutomatic Me Tile ChangerLINK
ThemeBing my BandAutomatically send the Bing image of the day to your Microsoft Band or Microsoft Band 2LINK
ThemeFanbandSports, topic-based theme updatesLINK
ThemeGamerBandAdd Xbox Live Avatar and Gamertag Me Tile.LINK
ThemeMe TilesCustomize, share the ME tilesLINKLINK
ThemeMS Band PersonalizerCustomize wallpaperLINK
ThemePimp my BandCustomize wallpaper, themeLINKLINK
ThemeReBandCustomize wallpapaerLINK
ToolsAudiobook PlayerGet get Audiobook notificationsLNIK
ToolsBand Calender MeTileAdd your calendar to the MeTileLINK
ToolsBand Camera ControlUses Band to control the camera on your phoneLINK
ToolsBand NotesSend notes to BandLINK
ToolsBand CalculatorBand Calculator is a simple calculator for both generation of Microsoft Band.LINK
ToolsBand TranslateTranslate using Cortana on the BandLINK
ToolsBand Health BridgeMicrosoft Band Health information from Apple HealthLINK
ToolsBand ShutterUses Band to control the camera on your phoneLINK
ToolsBand Sensor TilesPin your Microsoft Band sensors to your Windows Phone start screenLINK
ToolsBand Sports TileHave MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL sports scores and information notifications sent to your Band.LINK
ToolsBandTaskerUse your Band to trigger actions, like home automation, in Tasker.LINK
ToolsBible BandSends Bible verses to your Band throughout the day.LINK
ToolsClear my BandClears all notifications on BandLINK
ToolsCompanion for BandTheme, live sensors, notes, music and camera control, create barcodes and a flashlight!LINK
ToolsEnhanced Alarm for MS BandInterval timers that can send vibration alerts to the BandLINK
ToolsFind my BandUses phone to find lost BandLINK
ToolsFind my Phone+Uses Band to find lost phoneLINK
ToolsInspire BandSends popular quotes from famous authors to your Band throughout the day.LINK
ToolsMediaPlayer for Microsoft BandControls media playback on the phoneLINK
ToolsMicrosoft Band Barcode MakerMakes barcodes and displays as a tileLINK
ToolsMS Band Data CollectorLogs data and exports data to csv fileLINK
ToolsMS Band LightFlashlightLINK
ToolsMS Band Media ControllerControls media playback on the phoneLINK
ToolsMusic BandControl music from your Microsoft Band and receive track name and artists notificationsLINK
ToolsNote@BandSend notes to BandLINK
ToolsRecurring Microsoft Band AlarmShaking your hand to set/stop recurring alarmsLINK
ToolsRing My BandUses Band to find lost phoneLINK
ToolsRSS Band ITRSS Band-IT contains a collection of over 100 custom webtiles.LINK
ToolsSend2BandSend notes to BandLINKLINK
ToolsShow My BandDisplays sensor data, as well a Theme changerLINK
ToolsTorch for BandFlashlightLINK
ToolsTweet It!Get get Tweet It! notifications on it.LINK
ToolsWhere's my PhoneUses Band to find lost phoneLINK

NOTE: WebTile links must be opened from the device your band is connected to.

Portions of this list were found on the web. I no longer have the sources but would be happy to give credit.
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Nov 12, 2014
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Thanks, this is truly phenomenal. We need to get it stickied!

Here are a few Android apps to add:

MS Band Personalizer
Customize wallpaper

MS Band Sensor Monitor
Expose, share more sensor info

Microsoft Band Barcode Maker
Makes barcodes and displays as a tile

MS Band Media Controller
Controls media playback on the phone

MediaPlayer for Microsoft Band
Controls media playback on the phone

Ring My Band
Uses Band to find lost phone

Band Shutter
Uses Band to control the camera on your phone


Harry Mayeux

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Nov 16, 2012
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Band Companion for iOS is my app. Unfortunately, I cannot post a link on here. Version 2.0 is currently under Apple review, which will add real-time sensor data within the app.


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Nov 12, 2014
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First, thanks for the pointer, looks good.

Second, and no worries I'm not shooting the messenger for the message but:

"From push-ups, to pull-ups, jumping jacks, jogging, and even yoga poses, the Microsoft Band will now automatically recognize your exercise movements when you're working out with the app."

I call fake. Pictures or it didn't happen. I'll believe push-ups, pull-ups, etc. when I see it. LOL

EDIT: ahhhh..."when you're working out with the app." So the phone needs to be linked during the workout. Maybe I should have put a harness on my skepticism. I'll be curious to hear what the early adopters say.



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Nov 15, 2012
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Band Tic Tac Toe (Type: Game)
windowsphone .com/s?appid=f85204f2-024c-4b56-b16d-2e3b2250869f

Very cool proof of concept. It took me a bit to figure out.... not the game, but getting it started... seems a little glitchy. Very cool once it started, thanks for the heads up!

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