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Multimonitor with Surface Book


New member
Jul 23, 2014
Okay, this is a simple thing but very cool. My Thinkpad was always a pain to have in a multimonitor setup. I have a 34" Dell Ultrawide that I use as my primary monitor when my Thinkpad was driving it. The 15" monitor on the Thinkpad was always recessed quite a bit on my desk because the base of my laptop (a W541 - Mobile Workstation) kept the display far away from me.

But with the Surface Book I reverse the screen (think Draw Mode, except the screen is up instead of down) so that the keyboard is away from me and the screen is near my face. Even though the Surface Book screen is smaller than my Lenovo's, it works out to be a better read!

Small thing, but is part of what makes this computer so versatile to me.