My vision of a Surface "Phone"


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Aug 5, 2014
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It would be nice to have at least two variants - consumer (cheapest version) and business edition.
In general, I'm definitely in love with this concept of the SP


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Oct 6, 2016
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An Azure connected device!
Can do Mixed Reality.
Can run Xbox games on the cloud. Controller support.
Two variant, one with win32 support via Continuum, other with UWP support only.
Two variant, one with Snapdragon 8xx and the other with 6xx
Dual cameras.
Foldable - non foldable, does not matter! It should fit in the pocket. 4000 mah 🔋.
2k or 1080p screen.
Face recognition;")

This guy gets it (Azure, Xbox)!


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Aug 25, 2017
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Microsoft surface phone must be following features
1. Snapdragons 835 processor top end model, 660 processor for mass sale, price $300 to $900,
2. Screen size 6" folding, 9" UN folding,
3 4K screen unbreakable display with 3D touch,
4. Dolby atmos. Front facing speaker
5 carl Zeiss lens with 3D support, front carl Zeiss wide angle lens, rear dual carl Zeiss wide angle lens,
6. Three model 4GB RAM/ 128GB SSD, 6GB RAM/256GB SSD, 8GB RAM/ 512GB SSD
7. Battery 5000 mAh
8. Mobile slim less than 4.5mm
9. AR and VR support
10. Bluetooth V.5, WI-FI AC, LTE world wide
11. For Desktop mode give built in kick stand,
12 No ports for earphone jack, no type C charging port,
give Bluetooth headphones, high speed wireless charging Qi 5,
13 WIFI direct for High speed wireless file transfer from mobile to pc,
14 Give default skype apps for dialling voice and video calls and message MMS and EMS, Remove dialler and message apps,
15 Xbox games support from cloud with built in receiver for wireless controller support,
16 windows 10 pro pc version with support for win32 apps, 64 bit, UMP,
17 photovoltaic charging support, help for heavy draining apps,
18 support for 4G, 5G, Advance volte,
19 SD card support,
20 fingerprint scanner incorporated inside the screen,
21 Iris scanner,
22 eSIM two or three eSIM,
23 Stylus storing slot in the mobile with charging support,
24 water Resistance, dust Resistance,
25 Radiation guard,

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