Network randomly disconnects, i've read everything here and nothing works, please help me! :(


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Aug 7, 2016
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Lenovo G510
intel core i5-4210M
windows 7 ultimate
broadcom 802.11n network adapter

For almost a month i've been having issues with my laptop because it randomly disconnects from network for a reason i still can't identify.
It may work fine for an hour, then the wireless network card disconnects. Every now and then, or every 10 minutes, depends on the day i guess.
i've been reading lots of forums about this and found nothing to work so far
this is what i tried:
-everything is on maximum performance
-i unclicked "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
-disabled some "ip helper" in services
-checked everything that has to do with the router (changing channels, interference with other routers or wifi's), the hardware part SEEMS just fine(the laptop is pretty new, it has like an year and never had any problems with it)
-checking for drivers updates, it says that i have the latest version
-fully scanned the laptop for viruses and none was detected
-didn;t install any program lately that might cause this
-network signall is excellent

And still nothing worked. NOTHING. I'm really desperate right now. The only thing that makes the network work again almost instantly (like5-10 sec while if i let it restart by itself it takes from 2 minutes to even 30-40 minutes) , is turning off and then on again the wireless network card (i do that by pressing the airplane mode button)
so any help pleaseeee? i noticed that this happens a lot to other users too.!

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