No more network driver found after anniversary win 10 update.

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Since the last more internet connectivity. It works fine yesterday. All my others wifi device works fine with my router. My PC is directely wired to the router. ISSUE HELP from win 10 tell me to install network driver. Dont find any.....need tutorial......How can l reinstall my network driver with no connectivity


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Aug 13, 2015
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If your mobile phone plan allows it, run a mobile internet hotspot via bluetooth from your phone, or connect your pc to the internet via ethernet. Once you have internet open device manager and under network adapters right click your wireless card and click update driver software then click search online.

If you have no way of connecting to the internet you can either google drivers on another device and download on there, then transfer the file to your pc and install, or if your pc came with recovery disks look for the one labeled with "drivers" somewhere on it and install it off that disk.

Finally if neither of those options work, you can go on amazon and buy a usb wireless adapter, just make sure in the item description it has "plug and play" and that it comes with a driver disk. This means that it should install its own drivers without needing internet or a disk, but if it fails you can use the disk to get it working.

Hope this helps!

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