Nokia Lumia 720 not charging. once switched off it does not respond to any kind of starting.

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Nokia Lumia 720 not charging though charger is connected and it is displayed that charger is connected. Restarting the system was charging the phone for past one week. But now, once switched off it does not respond to any kind of starting. what could be the reason for this and how to repair?
Mobile for past few days not charging without restarting.
Unable to switch on the system as soon as it is switched off.
Right now it is switched off though the charge was around 80% when i last switched it off. But still it is not switching on.


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Nov 12, 2012
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All Lumia Phones boot up when plugged into a power source, whether AC or USB. A Lumia phone will not stay powered down if plugged into a power source. Period. Therefore it is not getting power. Check that there is no debris in the USB port. You may have a bad port that needs repair.


You have a display problem. The display may be lighting, but all black. Check this by looking at the display in a dark room with no lights on. You will see a faint glow if the screen is on, but showing nothing but black pixels. Again, it might need repair.


First try a Soft Reset, then a Hard Reset, only if the first does not work. Note that a Hard Reset will erase all your data.

Last resort, try reflashing the firmware using Lumia Software Recovery Tool: http://download-fds.webapps.microso...covery/LumiaSoftwareRecoveryToolInstaller.exe Use the My device will not boot or respond option. Of course this too will erase all data.


​If none of the above works, seek qualified repair.

Charles Sevior

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Jan 6, 2015
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I have the same problem with my Nokia Lumia 720. The last two nights it "seemed" to be charging (gave the little bleep and showed the charging icon) but when I disconnected in the morning, it was very low or was in battery saver mode.

I have recently updated to Denim - maybe that is causing this problem?

Now my phone has switched off completely, even after I plug it into a charger or my laptop. I have tried soft reset but this won't work without power. Next I will try a three-button hard reset, but I'm not expecting that to work without power either.

Any other tips or experiences would be welcome!


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Apr 6, 2013
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The only such encounter I had was due to the cable itself not the phone.
The original cable was broken, so I bought a generic cable. It doesn't fit so well. The battery indicator will show it's charging but it was slow and the background stuff (wifi/bluetooth) discharge faster than the slow charging
Also check if the 720 port has worn out...

Charles Sevior

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Jan 6, 2015
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Nothing I could do would bring my Lumia 720 back to life. I cleaned fluff out of the USB socket, tried several different known-good chargers, also tried the Lumia software recovery tool to no avail. As my phone was almost 2 years old, I replaced it today with the Lumia 735 which I picked up at Officeworks (Melbourne, Australia) for $246 outright / unlocked. It automatically restored all my settings from a cloud somewhere, has started to download all my apps again and was relatively painless apart from having to switch from micro-SIM to nano-SIM (and reactivate the new SIM).

The only other pain is that while I could choose on the 720 between 2 column or 3 column home screen, with the 735 3 column is unreasonably forced on the user with no option to "show fewer tiles".

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